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Hand-carved statues and sculptures have a true Italian artisan value 

A craftsman’s intuition or a project ordered by architects:
whatever the origin of a sculpture is, the idea must be fixed on a sheet of paper to which a sketch in clay provides three-dimensionality.

bozzetto su cartabozzetto in creta

Then, the roughing of a block of stone, which has been cut to the right measures, allows you to see the shape, little by little.
Sometimes, in this phase of the process, technologically advanced machinery is helpful, but craftsman’s hands are always irreplaceable to define the details of the work with chisel and rasps.

sbozzatura della statua

opera finita

Sculpture-overviewSculpture detail

That is how statues, fireplaces, fountains, vases, tables and other architectural elements are carved and sculpt, to please both classic and modern tastes: different workings that require the same passion and great attention to details.

In our company, each item becomes a unique expression of the artisan value of creativity and the ability to reach, in more than 50 years of activity, a balance between tradition and high technology.

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