Stone fireplaces surrounds

Realization of stone fireplaces surrounds

We offer customized solutions of fireplace surrounds made of stone or marble, classic style or modern essential style.

Reproduction of fireplaces in any style and period.
Stairs, floors, claddings, tables, decorative items both classic and modern.
Our products are suitable for any kind of room: kitchens, bathrooms, spas, halls etc.

Our attention of detail is focused on the planning and production of fireplace surround. The fireplace was once a necessary part for home space heating. Nowadays, the fireplace has evolved from his traditional role of home heating to an architectural element that can be decorative as well as functional, and with minimalist forms. Choices can be made from several samples:

  • fireplace surround inspired by Veneto traditions.
  • fireplace surround with lions’ paws in Palladian style.
  • Bolections.
  • fireplace surround in gothic, renaissance and neoclassical style.
  • fireplace surround in Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI.
  • carved frontal with seashells, flower motifs, wreaths and more.
  • Antique finish and patina, prepared by us, will enhance the feeling of bygone days.

In addition to the items shown we work together with Architect, Interior Designers and Landscape Architect to carry out any kind of custom project.

This gallery shows just a small part of our products. Every item can be crafted/adapted following your indications.



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